Generic Viagra

Composition and form of release:

Generic Viagra (Sildenafil) is made in a form of pills, which are covered with a blue film. They have an interesting round shape, slightly convex at the sides. If you break the pill, then inside it will be white. Sildenafil is presented in the form of citrate.

Generic Viagra instructions:

The drug also contains additional substances that help to enhance the effect. These include microcrystalline cellulose. Its amount is 83.5 mg. Lactose monohydrate has the same weight. For 15 mg contains povilone and croscarmellose, and quite a bit, 3 mg, there is the presence of magnesium stearate. In addition, the shell has special components.

Pharmacological effect:

  • There are medications of cyclo-guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). They are very strong. They include sildenafil. It has type 5 phosphodiesterase (PDE5).
  • The human body is a very complex structure. An erection can’t appear just because of the pills. This action is intensified when there is sexual stimulation. After all this, the level of cGMP increases, muscles around the body begin to relax. After all these processes, the blood to the penis begins to flow with increased speed. This makes it possible to carry out a normal sexual intercourse.
  • Sildenafil does not have any action on the whole body, it does not relax it, but it performs other important functions.
  • Sildenafil is a selective inhibitor. If we compare its manifestation when interacting with different active isoenzymes of phosphodiesterase, we can conclude that in relation to PDE5, the indices will be much higher. If you take PDE1, then in comparison there will be a figure 80 times lower.

About the treatment:

Recently, more and more often every third man has a problem, when his sexual life is disrupted begins erectile dysfunction, and man’s penis is no longer in the erect state. To help yourself- a powerful tool called sildenafil was created a long time ago. This drug makes it possible to feel like a real man again. It is a pill which solves the problem of erectile dysfunction, regardless of the cause of its occurrence.

In the short time of sildenafil, many of his admirers appeared, as he stands out for his effectiveness. This drug has conquered the inhabitants of many countries, and now it is considered one of the most popular means for excitement. Many statistics show an increase in the purchase of drugs from erectile problems, and the leader is sildenafil.

Clinical data

Study on Cardiology:

The drug is one og the most popular remedies for ED, so an additional study was started that showed the reaction of the body on a different organs. For the beginning, there were several volunteers who have an absolutely healthy body. They were given a dose of up to 100 mg of the drug, but this did not show any ECG changes. Then decided to increase the dose, so the volunteers had to drink 100 mg of the drug. It was observed that the systolic pressure was reduced to the maximum values, and the diastolic pressure was 5.3 mm Hg. Art. Almost the same thing was shown by research on people who took nitrates.

An interesting result was obtained, which showed that almost all patients began to decrease systolic and diastolic pressure when they were in a calm state. The indicators decreased by somewhere between 6% and 7%. That’s only in the majority of patients (70%) who were chosen for the study, it was found that they have a severe form of IHD. That is, almost all of them once had diseases associated with coronary arteries.

Despite these indicators, sildenafil had no effect on the state of cardiac output, the blood flow in the coronary arteries continued to function as before. Thus, no violations were observed. The only thing that was noticed – is that adenosine-induced flow in the stenotic and intarinal coronary arteries increased by 13%.