Generic drugs vs brand drugs
Generic drugs vs brand drugs

In the FAQ section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the products that you can buy at our online pharmacy. In addition to the questions of our customers, which are answered by our specialist (sexologist Rick Valley), we provide answers to other independent experts in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Generic drugs as effective as the original drugs?

Yes, generics act in exactly the same way as the original, because they use all the same active ingredients as the original drugs. Similarly, it can be said about side effects-that of generics, as they do with branded drugs. The effectiveness of generics proved by experts and verified by time. The trend of stable demand among buyers can not be overlooked, people buy generics much more often than original drugs, even in prosperous countries like Spain, Sweden, France and the US.

Is it true that the original drugs are manufactured with more modern equipment?

No it’s not true. Like the original drug, Generic is an officially authorized medicine that is produced in the same way as the original, according to all technological and hygienic standards. Generic production grows around the world. This is a separate direction in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why generic’s price much lower than the original?

Firms engaged in the development of these pharmaceutical products spend about 15 years studying and developing a new drug, and research activities are proceeding in many directions. Up to 90% of potential novelties in this field, at the “finish” become ineffective and the market does not Get, as a result, millions of dollars fly away in vain. All these costs must be compensated, so you have to pay back expenses by increasing the sales price of a single drug that turned out to be successful. The companies that produce DYT Generic, such expenses are not, their task – to repeat what has been developed to nih.Otsyuda and such a nice price for potrebitelya.V list of top-selling drugs rarely originals are in leadership positions.

Does Generic actually duplicate the original?

According to the chemical composition of both preparations, they are not duplicates at all: the “healing core” is general, the accompanying impurities are different. Neither in the original, nor in Generics, impurities affect the therapeutic process.

Is there are generics for every medicine?

For almost all. Exception – unique drugs for the treatment of cancer and AIDS, where any optional ingredient is important.

Is it possible that the weakening effect of Viagra will appear if you apply it in parallel with a strong antibiotic against influenz? Just after a five-day antibiotic, Viagra worked with great delay and labor. Thank you.

Yes, this is possible. This is the result of the flu, because the body is weakened.